International Bonding Systems


International Bonding Systems BV is specialized in producing pressure containers of contact adhesive also knows as canister glues.  It is very important to use the correct adhesive for each situation, whether it be isolation materials, carpet, PVC, EPDM or HPL. We have a specific adhesive for each of these materials. We also supply essential related items such as adhesive remover, glueguns and hand rollers. Furthermore there is an opportunity to specifically adjust the recipe, or modify the adhesive such as so that we reach the perfect solution which will guarantee an excellent bonding. Obviously there are technical people at your service daily to provide you the right contact adhesive.



  • mobile system, no compressor needed
  • solvent
  • high yield
  • very user friendly
  • easy application
  • very economical in use
  • direct use
  • no investments such as comp/equip
  • unlimited shelf life
  • long period consumption